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Tips for a Smooth Move to Dallas

With a local move to Dallas, you’ll already be familiar with the Texas climate and you shouldn’t be in for weather-related surprises. If you haven’t yet chosen your new home or apartment, though, it may help to explore the diverse neighborhoods of Dallas.

Uptown, you’ll find a wide range of housing options from older, renovated homes to luxury high-rise apartments. Downtown, you’ll be surrounded by unique restaurants, boutique shopping, and more with sales prices and rents higher because of the convenient location. From Old East Dallas to West Dallas, and from neighborhoods like Deep Ellum, Oak Cliff, The Cedars, Highland Park, University Park, Douglas Community, and more, Dallas has something just right for you.

When it’s time to prep for your move, know that an organized move = a smoother one.

Compare Local Moving Companies in Dallas

As soon as you know that you’ll be relocating to Dallas, choose a local firm from the moving companies in Dallas. Ask friends, family members, and coworkers who have moved to the area for recommendations. Find out what they liked, how reliable the company is, and so forth.

Through this process, create a shortlist. Check their websites and reviews, their licenses, and insurance coverage. Then, get a moving quote and book your date with local movers in Dallas. Do this about two months before the big day, if possible.

Moving Tips in Dallas: Two Months Before

If you know you’re moving, it’s never too early to declutter. To give yourself enough time, start at least eight weeks before, especially if you plan to hold a rummage sale to rid yourself of unneeded items (which will also put extra cash in your pocket).

First, toss or recycle anything that needs to go. If you’re already in the Dallas area, there are more than 100 recycling locations, most open 24/7. Then, separate what remains into piles: donate, sell, and keep. For added convenience, there are plenty of charities in Dallas that will pick up what you want to donate.

Before donating, consider asking friends and family if there’s anything they’d like to have. Perhaps they’d be willing to help you with a rummage sale if you plan to go that route. By going through this process, you’ll whittle belongings down to what you plan to keep.

If you’d like more space while you pack, consider our local storage services. MoveDay provides convenient storage solutions, keeping your belongings safe and secure with 24/7 video monitoring and modern fire protection systems. For delicate and sensitive items, we offer temperature and climate-controlled options with both short- and long-term storage options.

With fewer belongings in your home or apartment, it will be much easier to navigate through the rooms and also make any necessary repairs.

Moving Tips in Dallas: Six Weeks Before

Finish any decluttering and hold any rummage sales. Then, pack up items that you won’t need before your move, such as Christmas decorations during summer moves, and duplicate items (pots and pans, clothing, towels, and more that you can do without in the short term).

For an efficient move, make sure you have enough boxes of the right size and quality, scissors, packing tape, bubble wrap, and packing paper. You can also cushion items with old towels.

Come up with a system to label packed boxes. Plenty of systems exist. Just choose the one that makes the most sense to you, marking each side of each box. You could use waterproof markers and list what room a box should go into in your new home or use different colored stickers for each room. To make the system even more robust, you could number each box, too, (K-1, K-2, etc. for each kitchen box).

Packing and unpacking can be the most time-intensive part of the process. So, consider packing and unpacking services by your local movers in Dallas.

You may want to think ahead about the services you’ll need in your new neighborhood. Depending on how far you’re moving (local moves can be up to 50 miles), you might need new doctors and dentists. Your children may attend different schools. If so, get copies of your medical records, school transcripts, and more for a seamless transition.

Get your pets’ vaccinations up to date and ask the veterinarian for tips on how to move pets in the most stress-free ways. If you’ll need to switch veterinarians to get one closer to your new home, ask for recommendations.

Moving Tips in Dallas: One Month Before

If you’ve confirmed your precise moving day, contact your current utility providers to let them know you’re moving and make arrangements to have services set up in your new home or apartment.

File your official change of address form with the U.S. Post Office and consider what organizations and people will need your new address. This can range from friends and family to insurance companies, credit card companies, and more.

Moving Tips in Dallas: Two Weeks Before

With local moves, you’ll typically drive to your new place. So, consider what you’ll take with you. This can include important documents (insurance policies, for example); medications that you or a family member/pet takes daily; hygiene and cleaning products that you’ll want quick access to in your new home; your phone and an extra phone charger; pet food and bowls; and so forth.

If you’ll use your local movers in Dallas to unpack your items, verify that they know where you want each box or belonging unloaded. If you’ll be unpacking, proactively consider how you’ll do so most efficiently. You won’t want to add any extra steps to the process.

Moving Tips in Dallas: One Week Before (and on Moving Day)

Take care of any outstanding local bills, refill any prescriptions, deep clean your apartment or home, and make sure that you know where every item is that you’ll want to take with you on relocation day.

On your actual moving day, if you have small children or pets, it can help to have a friend or family member keep them safe, calm, and entertained in a room specifically set aside for that. Ask your local movers in Dallas any last-minute questions and be ready to answer theirs. Sign any final documents after you understand them.

You might also want to put cleaning bedding and pillows in your car, along with pajamas and outfits for the next day. Also take tools and a flashlight in case you need to set anything up, snacks and bottled water, a shower curtain, writing supplies, and anything else you might quickly need.

MoveDay for Your Local Moving Company in Dallas

This moving checklist should help to create a smooth move with as little stress as possible.

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