Corporate Leadership

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Corporate Leadership

mike brannigan
Mike Brannigan

Chief Executive Officer

Mike oversees the executive leadership, strategic direction and overall growth of MoveDaySM and its parent company, Suddath®. Mike is known for his engaging leadership style and commitment to hard work, teamwork and customer service.

Mike’s focus is on safety, quality, innovation and digital strategies, streamlining operations through process efficiencies and combining all of these efforts to improve both the customer and employee experience. Prior to his current role, Mike served as Chief Financial Officer at iGPS, spent 17 years in various financial and operational leadership positions at Ryder System, Inc. and held positions at Procter & Gamble and Arthur Andersen. Mike has an MBA from Cornell University and a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Albright College.

Branch Leadership

Dick Eschbacher
Dick Eschbacher

President and General Manager
Jacksonville, FL

Dick Eschbacher is a relocation industry veteran with decades of experience, coming from a long family tradition within the moving and relocation business. Dick started out as a driver for his family’s own moving and storage company and then was recruited away over 20 years ago and has since worked in many capacities for our organization.

Dick manages the entire team in Jacksonville, covering both MoveDay and Suddath. He ensures that his team members are consummate professionals, courteous, hard-working, invested in each other and proud to go above and beyond for their customers. Dick is a transformative business leader and ensures safety standards for employees and quality customer experiences at MoveDay are the best. He also oversees our very own in-house training facility which educates and prepares our moving teams locally, and around the country to be industry leaders and top-tier talent.

Doug Smith
C. Douglas Smith

Vice President & General Manager
Dallas, TX

Douglas “Doug” Smith has more than three decades of relocation industry experience, centered on building dependable teams that deliver exceptional customer experiences. Doug seeks out employees who are honest, work hard and continuously pursue excellence. Doug’s Dallas-Fort Worth responsibilities encompass MoveDay, Suddath, and our Daryl Flood Relocation teams. Each team continues his legacy of providing top-quality services with a focus on safety and customer satisfaction.

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