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Seven Reasons to Hire a Local Dallas Moving Company

As moving day approaches, your to-do lists can get pretty long, and you may wonder how you can finish everything on time. Fortunately, you can take the heavy lifting tasks off your list by hiring professional movers—meaning, local movers in Dallas, TX who are reputable and trustworthy with a physical presence in the city. 

Whether you’ll need movers in Dallas or Fort Worth, here are eight benefits you can enjoy by going local.

#1 A Local Moving Company Knows Your Neighborhood

It isn’t always easy to navigate through Dallas when you don’t know the area, but local movers will quickly find your home without the fuss of time zone misunderstandings. 

Whether getting to your home will involve one-way streets or road construction, established local moving companies in Dallas, TX will know where they’re located and how to handle them with finesse. Local crews know when and where traffic jams often occur as well as alternate routes to take during peak times. They’ll know how much time to plan to arrive at a certain time, too, keeping everything on schedule. 

Sure, GPS is wonderful, but nothing beats local knowledge. 

Local movers in Dallas are weather savvy, too, knowing how to protect a customer’s belongings in Texas weather conditions. MoveDay fits that bill, and we also have climate-controlled storage for your temperature-sensitive items.

#2 Easy Verifications of Mover Credibility 

You’ll want your moving company to have all the necessary certifications and insurance, which includes the following: 

●      Department of Transportation (DOT) License

●      Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) License

●      Pro-Mover Certification from the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA)

With local moving companies in Dallas, TX, you can not only ask to see these credentials, but they may likely have local awards, certifications or affiliations. Ask if they are partnered with local charities or the Dallas or Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce. 

The more official affiliations, especially if they’re local, means the company has a long-standing history in Dallas, and is far less likely to be a “rogue” mover. Typical rogue movers won’t have long-standing local partnerships, because they regularly change their name and address. This makes it hard for their bad (and illegal) behavior to follow them, and they can take on unsuspecting local moves.

#3 Local Recommendations and Reviews

You can ask friends and family members which local moving companies in Dallas, TX they recommend—and which ones they don’t. You can also research local moving companies online and read their reviews. 

Plus, local movers are part of the community, which automatically increases the importance of maintaining a good reputation—and quality moving companies know this. They know the importance of word-of-mouth recommendations and of positive online reviews. When local movers tell their family, friends and neighbors who they work for, they only want to hear positive stories! 

#4 Competitive Pricing

When a company operates within the local economy, they’ll need to price their products and services in competitive ways. “Competitive,” though, doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest. Companies that lowball prices will often need to cut corners on their services, not something you want to happen with all your household treasures.

When price comparing, look at what a moving company offers and consider how much time would be involved for the moving team to handle your belongings with care. Also consider how having the right local movers in Dallas will free you up to handle other aspects of your move. 

#5 Value-Added Services

Let’s say that your original plan involved your family packing up belongings and having a moving company transport them. Life got more hectic than you anticipated, though, and you could really use extra help. 

That’s when local movers in Dallas, TX can be especially valuable – at least if they offer packing and unpacking services

Or, let’s say your plans change and you’ll take along pieces of furniture that you’d thought about leaving behind. At MoveDay, we allow for plenty of flexibility when plans change. We can simply schedule another quick virtual tour or stop by to see how this change in plans might tweak your move.

For a more seamless, well-organized experience, our local movers can make sure that all of your belongings are labeled appropriately, loaded onto the truck, and then unloaded right where you want them in your new home or apartment. This makes it much easier for you to unpack your belongings and make your new dwelling feel like home.

In fact, using experienced professional movers can be one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family during today’s busy times. At MoveDay, we’ve got the process down to a science.

To save you even more time, our full-service moving company offers an optional time-saving online portal that uses state-of-the-art technology. This means that you can modify your moving package quickly and easily with just a couple of clicks. Before the move, you can virtually “meet” your local movers in Dallas—and on move day, you can track your belongings, which offers peace of mind.

#6 An Experienced and Dedicated MoveDay Planner

At this point, we aren’t talking about all local moving companies in Dallas or Texas as a whole. We’re referring specifically to MoveDay where a dedicated move coordinator will oversee your move from start to finish. 

When you let us coordinate your move, you won’t have to get bogged down in the details during a process that can take weeks. Your assigned move coordinator will make sure that everyone is working from the same plan on moving day, so there is no confusion or delays. 

Plus, they can help you choose from a range of options for your move, starting with labor-only through full service moves, and you only pay for the options you want and that fit your budget.

#7. The Best Local Mover is Based in Dallas: MoveDay MoveDay

Why look for an outside moving company when the best is local? That’s like leaving Texas for great BBQ. 

MoveDay is an experienced Dallas moving company ready to expertly handle your local move and answer whatever questions you have. By choosing our professional team with coordinators who are dedicated to making your life as easy as possible during your move, you can dial down the stress to enjoy your life’s new chapter. 

We hope that this list shows the many benefits of using local moving companies in Dallas, TX—and that our enthusiasm for helping customers like you shines through. 

To get started with your personalized moving solution or to get your questions answered, just contact our Dallas team online today.

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