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Advantages of Using MoveDay Moving & Storage

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Fully Vetted Employees

We take great care in hiring the best candidates to join the MoveDay team. In addition to scrutinizing each candidate's work history, we conduct extensive background checks. Unlike other Houston moving and storage companies, you'll never have to worry about who is handling your most precious items.

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Extensive Experience

After being in the business for over a century, we know what works. As your premier moving & storage company in Houston, we have the expertise and knowledge you'll want to depend on as you manage your move. Use our experience-based suggestions to help you save money and avoid common moving mistakes.

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Choose Houston’s #1 local moving & storage leader
  • 100 years of local moving experience leveraged by our parent company, Suddath
  • Safe, secure, affordable moving & storage services
  • Fully vetted, professional crews & move coordinators
  • Quick, easy, accurate estimates
  • Don’t risk your home and belongings with anyone else!

Houston Moving and Storage FAQs

Determining the cost to store your items can be challenging because a one-size -fits-all rate generally does not apply. After all, what makes MoveDay so great is that we provide personalized services to meet every customer’s need for Houston moving, storage, and other services. So to determine a fair, accurate price that is appropriate for your unique situation, we’ll take several factors into account.

  1. One factor we consider is what items you’ll store in your unit. For one, knowing the size and weight of the items will help us meet your exact storage needs. We also want to be certain that we provide the best unit to meet your needs without charging you more for a unit that’s too big for your purposes.
  2. The next factor is whether you have any special climate needs. This is crucial for people who need to store artwork or other items that could suffer damage due to extreme temperatures. We can also meet accessibility needs or provide taller storage space for irregularly sized items. These accommodations are one of our customers’ favorite features, but they also change the rate we must charge for storage.
  3. Finally, we’ll need to know how long you’ll store your items in our facility. While you can extend your contract at any time as your needs change, an accurate upfront estimate will help us provide a precise quote.

Once we know these facts about your storage needs, we can give you an honest and transparent quote. We’ll also use these factors to provide a storage unit that meets your specific needs.

Using any Houston moving storage service can leave you feeling uncertain or anxious. After all, you'll have to trust the company you hire with every item you own. It helps when you know beforehand that those personal treasures will stay safe.

The protection and security of your belongings is our primary concern. We maintain a 15,000-square-foot facility that's the safest, cleanest, and most secure facility throughout Houston.

As a high-quality moving & storage company in Houston, we begin with ensuring each customer’s items will be safe from criminal threats. We use the latest technology in security equipment to help us attain this goal. In addition to access control equipment, we use surveillance cameras and monitoring equipment to guard against criminal threats.

When it comes to the safety of your belongings, our Houston moving, storage, and packing services hold high standards for our employees and internal policies. To ensure the highest standard of safety, we’ve outfitted our storage facility with proper lighting and safety rails where necessary. We also make sure walkways are clear of obstructions to help our customers get to their storage units without incident.

For those concerned about handing their belongings over to a storage facility, you can trust that every member of the MoveDay team has been thoroughly vetted and has passed strict background checks. Just like you wouldn’t take any chances with your personal items, we don’t take any chances with the employees that handle them.

We also take the maintenance of our facility very seriously, including regular inspections to identify any issues. This ensures that our facility is structurally sound, safe, and the best environment for your precious belongings.

Finally, we use the latest in fire protection and suppression to ensure your items do not suffer fire or smoke damage. We use smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and other technology to ensure we can respond quickly to any threat of fire or smoke.

All this means that when you choose MoveDay to store your items, you’re choosing the best moving & storage company in Houston that will protect your belongings. It’s a decision you won’t regret and guarantees the safety of everything you own.

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