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Planning a move can be intimidating at any age, but you don’t have to tackle this process alone. When they pick MoveDay as their senior movers, Minneapolis residents can all but eliminate their moving anxiety. At each step of your MoveDay move, you’ll work with a dedicated move coordinator. Throughout the moving process, our team members will do everything they possibly can to meet your needs and fit your schedule.

Our focus on simplicity and customer service extends to our pricing, too. MoveDay’s rates are more affordable than any other moving company in the Twin Cities region. You can also rest assured knowing that MoveDay offers total price transparency, meaning you won’t have to spend time looking for hidden fees or fine print while planning your move.

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Minneapolis’ most knowledgeable senior movers
  • A well-trained team of movers who can handle your most unique moving challenges
  • 100+ years of leveraged moving experience through Suddath, our parent company
  • A strong emphasis on integrity, professionalism, and exceptional moving service
  • Fully-vetted local moving crews who are thoroughly background-checked
  • Unmatched communication throughout every stage of your moving process
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Convenient storage options

If you would like to put a few items in storage, Move Day offers affordable local storage options with 24/7 monitoring. We understand that your belongings are important to you, and it can be stressful thinking about whether your most prized possessions will make it to your new home in one piece. As a solution, MoveDay offers industry-leading tracking technology that enables you to see where your items are located throughout your move.

However, there’s a chance that you won’t be able to unpack all your belongings as soon as you get to your new home. In that scenario, you can simply store your items until you’re ready to unpack them, thanks to our local storage capabilities. And since our storage facilities are monitored 24/7 and are temperature and climate-controlled, you won’t have to fret about them in the interim.

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At MoveDay, we understand that senior moves are as unique as seniors themselves. Because of that, we offer a wide selection of local moving services to people in this age group, allowing them to create a custom move plan perfectly suited to their own needs. And no matter what moving services seniors are looking for, they can benefit from our top-notch customer service.

If you’re wondering just how flexible MoveDay’s services are, consider our approach to packing services. Most Minneapolis movers offer full-service packing and labor services for DIY moves. While MoveDay can provide both of these options, we can also pack a few items and let you handle the rest—or just provide the professional packing materials you’re looking for.

Another highly-flexible service MoveDay offers is our reasonably-priced local storage in and around Minneapolis. Our warehouses in the Twin Cities are climate-controlled and temperature-controlled, and they’re monitored around the clock. If your storage requirements change at any point in your moving process, just let us know! We’d be happy to increase or decrease your storage space as needed.

Trust is a significant factor in any move—you need to find Minneapolis movers you can rely on to safely transport your property from Point A to Point B. Of course, it’s especially crucial to find a Minneapolis moving company you can count on when senior citizens are involved. Are you or someone you love planning to move into a retirement community or a smaller home? If so, you need movers that are ready to take seniors’ unique needs into account and protect their cherished, irreplaceable possessions.

The employees at MoveDay aren’t just highly-qualified—they genuinely care about their clients, too. Because of that, our company is uniquely positioned to provide the best movers for seniors. Minneapolis senior citizens will appreciate our willingness to go the extra mile to ensure their move goes as smoothly as possible. And we’ll be sure to keep them in the loop—throughout the moving process, seniors have the opportunity to work with a move coordinator assigned to their move.

Along with these benefits, senior citizens who choose MoveDay for their Minneapolis moving needs won’t have to worry about the cost of their move. Our company’s moving services are uniformly affordable, making them easy to fit into your retirement budget. And with our pricing, what you see is what you get—we make a point of not hiding fees behind legalese or fine print.

MoveDay Movers, a respected moving company in Minneapolis, offers an all-encompassing service tailored to seniors. We understand that some seniors require extra care and attention when moving. Our compassionate, professional moving team deeply understands and respects this, offering services that range from carefully packing personal belongings to setting up the new living space—and every detail is considered to ensure a seamless transition. With our dedicated moving services, seniors can look forward to a hassle-free move, allowing them to settle comfortably into their new homes.

Minneapolis is a city full of opportunities and conveniences, making it an appealing choice for seniors. It boasts plenty of parks, walking trails, and lakes, promoting an active lifestyle. Its cultural scene is rich, with a wealth of museums, art galleries, and theaters to explore. Minneapolis also offers world-class healthcare facilities, ensuring seniors can access the finest medical care. On top of this, Minneapolis maintains a friendly, community-focused atmosphere that many seniors will appreciate. By opting for MoveDay Movers, you can enjoy a hassle-free relocation process, allowing you to immediately immerse yourself in everything Minneapolis has to offer.

Start preparing for your Minneapolis move by sorting through your belongings. Make sure to identify the essential items you'll need in your new home and consider donating or discarding any unnecessary items. Once you know what you want and don’t, you can rely on MoveDay Movers to manage the rest of the process. Our expert team will carefully pack your items, transport them to your new home, and assist with unpacking and settling in. With our professional packing service assistance, your senior move to Minneapolis can be as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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When it comes to moving with senior citizens, safety, comfort, and ease are all high on the list of priorities. Read key steps that will make your move with a senior or as a senior much more manageable.

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