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The advantages of choosing MoveDay

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Full-service packing company

If you’re planning a large, complicated move, there’s a good chance you don’t want to pack everything by yourself. For moves like these, trust the team at MoveDay to provide complete packing and moving services. Our highly-trained, fully-insured drivers and crews can safely pack even bulky and fragile items with ease. Throughout your move, you’ll be able to keep a close eye on your belongings thanks to our tracking capabilities.

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Partial packing and unpacking assistance

Full-service packing can be useful, but not every move demands this level of assistance. Still, even if you don’t have that much to pack, you might need a hand with a few rooms or one or two bulky items. When they work with other moving companies, Minneapolis residents have to choose between packing everything independently or getting professional packing service—but that’s not the case at MoveDay.

Instead, the crew at MoveDay is more than willing to pack the items you need, whether that means packing everything for you or just a few belongings here and there. You can benefit from this flexibility in other ways, too; if you realize you need partial packing services right before your move, we can make that happen. And even if you plan on packing everything independently, we’ll happily provide packing instructions and materials.

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Moving services without the stress

When you choose us to provide full or partial packing services (or any other moving services, for that matter), it won’t take long to see how MoveDay stands apart from the competition. From the first moment you start working with us, you’ll benefit from our reliable, intuitive moving estimates. That simplicity carries over to other aspects of your move, thanks to our straightforward quotes and complete lack of hidden fees.

The key to MoveDay’s reputation as the best Minneapolis packers and movers is our skilled workforce—including our dedicated move coordinators, who are always available to assist our customers. When they team up with these expert movers, Minneapolis residents instantly notice how much they care about making their moves go off without a hitch. We also make a point of offering secure storage options for items that aren’t ready to be unpacked right away, eliminating another potential source of tension.

Minneapolis packing services FAQs

One of the main factors determining the length of your packing process is the size of your house. As you might expect, packing for larger residences takes much longer than the same work does for smaller homes. On top of that, you’ll need to spend at least some time deciding what belongings you want to pack and what items you can get rid of.

Though we can’t tell you exactly how long your packing process will take, we can give you a rough idea.

For DIY moves, expect to spend:

  • A day or two packing a one-bedroom/studio apartment
  • Two or three days packing a two-bedroom home
  • Up to a week packing a house with over two bedrooms

Of course, these estimates have one thing in common: they’re based on the assumption that you’re doing your own packing. If you hire professional Minneapolis movers like MoveDay for this work, you can reduce these estimates by half; for example, packing your one-bedroom apartment will take a day at most. As for unpacking, you can expect this process to take roughly as long as your packing work.

Due to the nature of moving work, the costs associated with any move-related service can vary depending on factors such as how big your home is. While that definitely applies to packing and unpacking, going the DIY route will always be the cheapest option. But while professional packing work costs a bit more, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it.

Packing from qualified Minneapolis packers and movers come with benefits you don’t get when packing your own boxes.

These perks include:

  • An opportunity to save time on your move
  • Best-in-class packing materials
  • A much lower risk that your items will be broken or damaged
  • Less moving-day stress on your part

Another major benefit of MoveDay’s packing service is the flexibility it delivers. By choosing our Minneapolis moving company, residents can get help packing everything they own, ask us to protect a few delicate objects, or even access high-quality packing materials. That flexibility also extends to scheduling—if you have to change your packing services late in the game, we’ll be happy to accommodate you!

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Planning a local move? MoveDay makes it a pleasant experience with our efficient moving process, attentive service and helpful resources like this complete, customizable moving checklist. Save time. Avoid headaches. Get your move day checklist, now.

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