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When is the Best Time for Your Local Dallas Move?

Whether you hire a moving company or opt for a do-it-yourself move, there are certain times of the week, month, and year when moving companies and truck rental agencies have better availability and charge lower rates. As local movers in Dallas, we recommend moving during lower-demand times because of the potential savings.

That said, when deciding when to move, there’s also the convenience factor and even the housing market to consider. Assuming you have the luxury of choosing when you’ll move, here are the absolute best times to move in terms of both cost and convenience.

Best Season of the Year to Move

Late fall to early spring is a great time to move because that’s the slow season for moving companies. Kids are still in school during that time, and many parents prefer to avoid relocating before school’s out.

Because of this, a summer move is often worth the higher cost for parents of school-aged children. If you move during the summer, your kids won’t have to change schools mid-year, and you won’t have to help with homework or worry about drop-offs and pick-ups during a chaotic time.

Another take on moving kids during the school year is that it may actually be easier on them since they’ll make new friends right away at school instead of being alone in a new place during summer vacation.

Clearly, each season has its pros and cons when it comes to moving.


Pros: Winter moves are the most affordable since the demand for movers and moving trucks is lowest during that time. Another benefit of relocating during the winter is better real-estate deals — that is, if you’re on the buying end.

Cons: Moving this time of year is inconvenient if your kids are in school and will have to change schools. Cold weather may also be a drawback, particularly if you’re planning a do-it-yourself move.


Pros: The demand for moving services is lighter during this season than it is in the summer, so prices should be lower and availability should be higher. Also, if you’ll be doing your own loading and unloading, you’ll be getting it done before the hot humid summer.

Cons: The downside to a spring move is that it might be more expensive than a winter one. Unpredictable rain could also be an issue, especially if you’re moving items yourself in an open pickup truck or trailer.


Pro: Summer is a busy time in the moving industry, but it’s the ideal time to move if you’re selling a home. Getting a higher price for your house could cancel out the higher cost of moving during peak season.

Cons: The main downside of a summer move besides the cost is the fact that you might not get the date you want due to the high demand. Also, scorching hot weather means that sensitive items will need special care during the move.


Pros: The best thing about moving during the fall is that it’s cheaper than moving in the summer months. The weather starts to cool down in North Texas by October, and school starting back up means less vacation traffic.

Cons: Moving after school has already started can be a hassle for families with kids. Another possible con is that it may be difficult to sell your home right before the holidays.

Best Months of the Year to Move

The most affordable time to schedule a Dallas move is from early September through mid-April. The demand is lower during that time, plus, those are good months for avoiding weather extremes in many areas of the country.

Here in North Texas, the month with the highest probability of snowfall is February. That said, local moving companies in Dallas don’t worry much about snow since accumulation is relatively rare. If anything, a tornado warning could result in a delay, but tornados are less predictable than snowfall since tornado season runs from March all the way through August.

Another factor to keep in mind is that the real-estate market in Texas slows around the holidays. So late November through December might be the perfect time to make a lowball offer on a Dallas-area home.

Best Week of the Month to Move

It’s not just the month that matters when planning a move but also the time of the month. Since renters tend to move on the first, local moving companies often have more available resources for a mid-month move. Major holidays are also a factor. So, if you end up moving in November or December, you could face challenges booking a move during one of the holiday weeks.

Best Days of the Week to Move

Not everyone realizes that day of the week can affect the cost a move. Everyone wants to move on the weekend, so there’s less demand for moving trucks and crews if you move on a weekday — specifically Monday through Thursday.

Unless you’re planning a DIY move and need friends and family to help load the truck, moving during the week might be an easy way to save money. However, if it’s a busy time at work and you really shouldn’t take off, it may be worth it for you to schedule professional movers on a weekend.

Best Time of Day to Schedule Your Move

When moving day arrives, you can expect the moving crew to show up first thing in the morning. Summers are long in Texas, which is why most local movers in Dallas will want to get an early start and work during the cool of the day. Moving is a big job anyway, so moving crews almost always arrive in the morning — regardless of the weather.

Other Considerations

As you can see, the best time to move will depend on your budget, family factors such as school, and your flexibility at work. Unfortunately, moving at the “best time” isn’t always feasible. More often than not, your moving date will be determined by the start of a new job, the sale of a home, or some other external factor.

Affordable Local Movers in Dallas

Whenever you decide to move, the most important tip we have is to contact your local movers as early as possible to help ensure you get your moving date. Ideally, you should try to book your move at least four to six weeks out, and the sooner you book your move, the better.

If you’re looking for local movers in Dallas, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re not sure what the best day for you to move will be, your MoveDay representative will talk you through the different options, and work with you to find the best possible day as part of your personalized moving plan.

We offer a full suite of customizable moving services, including:

The best time to schedule your move is as soon as you know when you’re moving. That said, even if you end up calling us last minute, we’ll do everything we can to get you your desired moving date.

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