best season to move in Dallas

The Best Season for Moving in Dallas

There’s no shortage of moving companies in Dallas, so it’s not a surprise that they offer a diverse range of moving services. Some focus on local moves, while others specialize in long distance or international transport.

What most types of movers are likely to have in common, however, is an identical busy season. In general, May through September represents the timeframe when a majority of people undertake residential moves. Frequently, this is done to take advantage of the months when students are out of school.

If your schedule for relocation is flexible enough to allow it, consider a move during the early spring, fall and winter months. You’ll be more likely to have a wider choice of dates and may even be able to negotiate better prices. Yet if you find it necessary to move during the busy season, it shouldn’t be a problem. As long as you can schedule your move with enough advance notice, you should still be able to relocate on (or close to) your desired transfer date during the spring and summer months.

In addition to the above guidance, please keep in mind that the first and last weeks of any month are generally more active as well—since many people (especially renters) often need to vacate their apartments or other properties by the end of the month.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of suitable Dallas moving companies, be sure to check with each one in order to verify how their schedules are filling in for the coming season.

When Should You Schedule Your Move with a Dallas Company?

The most direct answer is as soon as you know your preferred moving date. Ideally, three to four weeks ahead of time should allow you enough flexibility to secure a date that works for you, although if you’re booking during the busy season, you should be looking six to eight weeks ahead of time.

If you’re in a situation that’s creating uncertainty in terms of your target date—such as when you’re both selling a home and buying a new one—ask the transport companies you’re thinking of hiring for their advice on scheduling. You may discover that a local Dallas moving company offering nearby storage services can provide the perfect solution. The company can keep your household belongings safe if you need to rent or stay with family and friends on a temporary basis—while the elements of your moving process (timing, coordination, and logistics, etc.) get sorted out.

At MoveDay, we have storage services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that you can take advantage of on a short- or long-term basis. You can even start with the short-term option and extend it, as needed, at any time. Our modern 150,000-square-foot storage facility includes 24/7 video monitoring and climate-controlled storage for items that may be sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, such as art or antiques. To ensure your peace of mind, every member of our warehouse crew must undergo a thorough background check.

How to Compare Moving Companies in Dallas

Before you make your selection from among the wide array of Dallas moving companies, take enough time to collect the right information. It can prove invaluable in helping you find the company that’s right for you. Here’s our advice for comparing companies and vetting those that make your concise list of serious contenders:

Check the credentials and licenses of moving companies

You can quickly streamline your list of potential transport companies by requesting information on their certifications, insurance, and other credentials. If a company refuses or even hesitates to provide this, eliminate it as an option. Moving involves handling nearly everything you own, no matter how delicate, so insist that the Dallas moving company you select has the credentials that a safe, reputable mover must possess.

The following things to look for can help you vet a Dallas mover:

  • ProMover Certification from the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), which is only awarded to companies that have passed an in-depth background check—including their previous work history and record of operations.
  • A license from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, which is required by law and which you can view on the department’s website.
  • Although it’s a requirement for interstate rather than local transport, registration with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration represents additional proof that a moving company is both legitimate and reputable.

Look for a local moving experience

It’s unfortunate, but some moving companies are totally unreliable. They are in business one day and can’t be found the next. In addition to checking the credentials listed above, you’ll want to be certain that the Dallas mover you select has a solid track record in the local area.

Make sure to choose a company that has an updated website, recent positive reviews and local and industry affiliations. Those are all solid indicators that a company won’t disappear if you have any issues, or won’t try to pull any tricks on moving day.

Ask for recommendations and check reviews

Any recent experience your friends and family members may have had can be invaluable and enlightening. Question them about the different companies they’ve used and solicit opinions on the pros and cons of each company. Local Dallas and Fort Worth online reviews are useful as well. Moving companies that are well-established within the area know the fundamental importance of having a reputation for quality, reliability, and affordability. This will be reflected in the reviews they receive from a wide range of customers.

Ensure there are no hidden fees

With so many things to take into consideration when moving, the last thing you need is a challenging surprise on the final bill once the job is completed. When you’re vetting Dallas movers, make sure that the estimate you’ll receive includes all of the costs. Be aware of extra charges for handling oversized or heavy items, cancellation fees, fuel consumption surcharges, and other hidden costs. You’ll also want to ensure that a company’s quotes are based on the complete inventory of items you need to have moved and/or stored.

Ask about additional services

Think through every aspect of your move, including whether you’ll need local Dallas packing and unpacking services or a way to store your household items for any length of time. Then ask prospective moving companies if they can accommodate your needs by supplying the additional services you require. It’s essential to verify that they have the experience and any necessary licensing, crews, and facilities to properly deliver those services.

Tips from Our Moving Company Experts

Moving can be stressful, even if you’re just transferring to an address around the corner. You can meet the challenges involved in relocating by having an operational plan in place before the day arrives.

Our moving checklist is a useful guide for formulating that plan and ensuring that things run smoothly. It includes a week-by-week schedule for tasks such as getting an accurate estimate, doing the packing, managing service transfers, organizing important records, and more. We also offer a checklist for moving with pets, moving with kids, and moving with seniors.

Do you know someone who’s considering moving to Dallas for the first time? Our essential guide to moving to Dallas-Fort Worth is a great resource that includes information on points of interest and things to do in Dallas, Dallas sports teams, local colleges and universities, restaurants and shopping, and even a list of the most popular neighborhoods around town.

You Can Count on Our Professional Dallas Movers

No matter what time of the year you need to make a local move in Dallas, the experts at MoveDay are ready to help. Take advantage of our all-inclusive start-to-finish moving service or select just the services you need. We offer packing and unpacking, short- and long-term storage, specialty moving services for large items, fine art, and antiques—along with professional transport for cars, motorcycles, boats, and so much more.

With our online portal, dedicated move coordinators experienced moving professionals, and transparent pricing, we have everything you need for a smooth, efficient, personalized moving experience. Start your move with a quote from our Dallas movers today!

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