Moving Into Loft Apartment

Moving into a Loft: 4 Tips for an Easier Move

Moving into a loft is a popular choice for those wishing to downsize and embrace urban living. Loft apartments offer a unique aesthetic with a lot of potential for making creative use of space. However, relocating to a loft involves different decorating and moving techniques than a typical house or apartment. With these tips, you’ll be better prepared for your big move to a loft.

1. Get Creative About Making the Best Use of Your Space

Furnishing a loft often requires strategic planning due to limited space or an open concept floorplan. The good news is that rooms can have multiple functions and still look orderly and defined. For example, a desk in the living room placed on a different-colored area rug could become your new office. Open-sided bookshelves are yet another way to differentiate one space from another.

Multi-purpose furniture with built-in storage is essential when you’re giving up closet space in favor of loft living. Decorative baskets placed under an existing coffee table are an affordable storage solution for anything from toys to board games. Hanging shelves, baskets, pot and pan hangers, and knife racks will free up limited cabinet and drawer space in the kitchen. A bed with built-in drawers takes up less space than a bed and a separate dresser.

2. Consider Installing a Loft Bed

Loft beds help to conserve space and promote privacy in an open floorplan. When you first move in, it can be a challenge getting the mattress into the loft. If you’re doing the move yourself, using a ladder is an excellent hack for moving a mattress onto the upper level. Have one person climb into the loft first and lean the ladder against it. Then, tie a rope to the mattress, and slide it up the ladder to where it needs to be.

3. Plan Ahead for Parking

Once you’ve thought about where you’re going to put everything, it’s time to focus on the actual logistics of the move. Sometimes, unexpected factors such as traffic and parking can hang you up on moving day. That said, a little advanced planning will help you avoid unnecessary stress.

Scope out the parking lot at various times during the day to get a feel for the parking patterns and level of vehicle and foot traffic. If you see the potential for blocked elevators and entrances on the weekends, moving on a weekday might be the easiest way to avoid the rush. Another obstacle could be special events or road closures in the area. If you’re working with a local moving company, they may be able to advise you about the best dates and times to move.

4. Reserve the Freight Elevator

Once your move-in date has been confirmed, talk to the building superintendent or manager about reserving something called the freight elevator. A freight elevator is larger than a regular elevator, and you won’t have to compete with other residents and delivery people for use of the standard elevators.

There’s a lot to consider when deciding whether to move by yourself or enlist a local moving company’s help. Because of the specific challenges with moving into a loft, such as parking and getting your belongings upstairs, it would be beneficial to hire a moving company experienced with this type of move. If you do the move yourself, you’ll save money, but be prepared for some hiccups along the way, especially with moving heavy furniture upstairs.

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