Senior Moves with Less Stress

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Senior Moves with Less Stress

Senior advantages with MoveDay

MoveDay customer service
Simpler, supported local moving
  • Easy and accurate pricing and booking, no last-minute fees
  • All moves supported by a single-point-of-contact dedicated move manager
  • The best value for your money, with trained professionals performing every move
  • Flexibility is built in – we work to meet any service need or move date
  • Online tracking of your items through your personal moving portal
on demand moving storage
Flexible, secure and affordable storage options

When moving a lifetime of belongings, there may be things you are unable to take with you, but you would still like to have saved and protected. MoveDay is able to step in at any point prior to your move to add affordable storage services, and we can store some or all of your belongings for short- or long-term. Our secure Orlando warehouse is state-of-the-art and provides 24/7 video monitoring, as well as temperature and climate-controlled areas. During and after your move, we want you to have the peace-of-mind knowing that your items are safe in our hands until you need them again.

trained professionals for senior moves
Caring, patient and kind senior moving specialists
  • Professional movers with over 100 years of senior moving experience
  • Move easily tracked from a distance, family members can view updates
  • Moving estimates with easy-to-understand prices, no “fine print” or fees added later
  • Training happens on our time, not yours with our vetted, background checked crews
  • Constant communication and updates for the duration of the move

Orlando senior moving FAQs

May is the start of what we call “peak season” – mainly, it’s when a majority of moves are happening, because kids are out of school and the real estate market is heating up. This is a time of year we recommend reaching out to and booking a local senior mover as soon as possible (as much as six to eight weeks out) because capacity can be limited. That will help ensure you get the date you want.

One thing to be aware of, especially during peak season, is that capacity can affect the price of your move. Kind of in the same way it would cost you more to fly on a Friday or a Sunday as opposed to a Wednesday, if you want to move on a weekend at the end of the month, limited capacity would affect the price. If you’re flexible with your moving dates, and are able to move during the week, it can help your bottom line.

Fur babies can be an additional stressor during a move, because there really is no explaining to them what is going on, and why everything in the house is being packed up.

Make sure your animals have some comfort items at all times during the move – a favorite toy, or their bed – so they have a safe place that is familiar. But the best thing you can do for your animals is to find them a pet sitter on moving day. Whether you’re taking them over to a friend or family member’s house, or giving them a fun day care trip, it’s best if they’re not in the house. Not only will it stress them out to have so many new people in the house, but it is extremely common for pets to get loose during a move. We have personally had so many stories of our local movers tracking down a scared dog that got out or ripping open boxes because an owner isn’t sure where the cat is.

It will be a load off of your mind to know they’re safe and out of the way, and it will be much better for their stress level as well. Here is our Moving with Pets checklist to help.

We offer every possible local senior moving service you could need – or if we don’t offer it, for example, cleaning services, we likely have a trusted local partner we can connect you with and help coordinate.

However, the most popular services we do offer are:

We know that senior moves can be different than other moves you’ve had throughout your life, depending on where you’re transitioning into, who is assisting your move and there can be many needs. Our flexibility means that we are able to help ease that transition in any way we can. If you need a moving service that you don’t see above, simply ask one of our Move Managers, and we’ll work to make it happen for you.

Start early! The sooner you bring us into the process, the better. We are able to answer any questions you have, get everything booked and settled, and help you understand your budget and what you’ll be paying.

It’s important to have a virtual survey done so we are able to understand the full scope of your move, which insures you won’t have any surprises on MoveDay. The crew should be fully aware of everything that needs to be moved, and any services you have booked.

We also compiled our 100+ years of moving experience to create this Moving Checklist, which will allow you to get a complete understanding of what you can or should be doing week by week leading up to your move.

Whether it is moving fine art, delicate furniture, a thousand-pound piano or the cherished belongings of an elderly loved one, we understand the value of property and care for it, accordingly. We take great effort to keep our customers fully informed before, during and after their move using industry-leading technology. Our personal moving portal will always have all of the information you need about your move, right at your fingertips, in real-time. We also assign dedicated move coordinators to be your single point-of-contact and keep communication flowing in advance of, on the day of and following your move. We provide you with simple, handy pre-move checklists and instructions so that you know what to expect on your move day, then work from your personalized moving plan on that day. No matter what kind of specialized move we might be assisting you with, you can rest-assured that we’ll be doing everything in our power to make it as stress-free as possible.

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Are we gonna protect this house? Yeah! The MoveDay team is excited to be the Official Moving Company of the Jacksonville Jaguars, and we even got a little lesson on the pre-game psych-up speech from the experts. As a team at the top of our game, we are excited to protect your home with the same level of dedication and professionalism that the Jags bring to the field every week.

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