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Quality Packing Services

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loading and unloading moving services
Flexible labor-only packing & loading

No matter your need or budget, MoveDay can scale our packing and loading services up or down to suit your move. If your plan is to move on your own, or you don’t have many items you’ll be taking with you, we can step in for any level of packing or loading where you may need some extra help. Our trained team of local movers can provide helpful packing instructions, professional packing supplies for purchase, or just help loading, moving and unloading your packed items. Many customers just need help loading heavy furniture, and we are able to quickly assist, while also making sure items are loaded properly and protected during travel.

Full-service packing and moving
Affordable labor-only packing & loading
  • A less stressful move with full packing, loading & moving
  • Fragile items and large furniture protected by quality packing materials
  • Assistance with disassembly/reassembly as needed
  • Highly trained and fully insured crews & drivers
  • Easy technology that allows you to track packed items
MoveDay moving company - services you wan
A confident local moving experience
  • Begin with a simple, fast, accurate moving estimate
  • No surprises policy: no hidden costs or fine print
  • Helpful moving checklists and communications
  • Virtually meet and vet your crew prior to moving day
  • Flexible, professional moving services to suit your needs

Packing and loading FAQs

Absolutely. Our team prides ourselves on our “your move, your way” motto. We use our moving expertise to step in wherever we’re needed to help you move the way you want to. If you have packed everything up yourself, and just need help wrapping, padding, protecting and loading big furniture, we can easily help.

No job is too big or too small for our team. We understand that either your budget or needs may not allow for full packing and local moving services, and we won’t try to upsell you during the process. Even if you initially book us for a certain service, you can alter and change it in your personal moving portal prior to your move.

Few people know the art and science that go into packing up a move. There are maybe millions of tiny tricks and techniques that we know from our moving experience that help to protect your items during a move. From the way we pack fragile items (for example, plates are less likely to break if stacked side by side, instead of on top of each other) to the high-quality materials we use, our team of local movers makes every effort to ensure your items are protected.

This is why we established our own in-house training program – that way, training happens on our time, not yours. Every crew member who comes into your home or handles your item has been trained on the best way to do it.

Every level of packing and loading services is offered by MoveDay in the Orlando and Central Florida area. We are able to:

  • Fully pack and load your items
  • Just pack items – some or all
  • Just load – some or all

Whatever your moving day requires, our local moving team is ready, willing and capable of helping you make sure it goes as smoothly as possible, and you only have the local moving services you need and none you don’t. We’re able to quickly give you a quote and add or subtract moving services as needed.

Absolutely! You might be contacting us weeks out from your actual move, so we understand that sometimes things change. We have a secure warehouse with 24/7 monitoring in Orlando and have the capacity to quickly pivot to a plan for short or long-term storage of your items.

To learn more about our storage capabilities, please check out our Orlando storage page.

As a professional local mover, organization is our life blood. If we are late for your move, or underestimate how much time or manpower it will take during the quote process, it is a domino effect on our whole schedule.

This is why we are extremely thorough in our moving quote process, to ensure we fully understand the scope of the work. We build in buffer time, and always make sure we have the proper sized crew that the job requires. Staying on schedule is 99% prep work and organization and we do that work upfront in order to provide the best local moving experience possible.

However, you are able to track your moving crew on moving day through your personal moving portal. You can also communicate with them using the chat function – so if there is traffic, or some kind of delay, they can let you know right away through the app, which will also give you an ETA.

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Are we gonna protect this house? Yeah! The MoveDay team is excited to be the Official Moving Company of the Jacksonville Jaguars, and we even got a little lesson on the pre-game psych-up speech from the experts. As a team at the top of our game, we are excited to protect your home with the same level of dedication and professionalism that the Jags bring to the field every week.

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