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Not everyone in South Florida needs full-service packing from Miami moving companies. That might be the case for you if you don’t have too many items to pack or are planning a move on your own. Even in this situation, MoveDay can help make life easier for you.

We can deliver valuable tips for packing Miami residents can learn from, professional packing supplies (for a small additional fee), and packing services for any items that do require extra assistance. Plus, we can adjust our services on the fly to reflect what you need (and can afford). Whether you’ve been carefully planning your move for months or have just realized you’ll need partial packing support, the MoveDay crew is happy to help!

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Packing from movers Miami trusts

Every aspect of your move should be handled by people you can count on, including packing services. MoveDay believes in building the best moving companies Miami has ever known, so 100 percent of our crew members are carefully vetted and given the training they need to excel. That’s just one reason why MoveDay’s reputation for packing and other moving services is unmatched.

We also have a century’s worth of leveraged moving experience through Suddath®, our parent company. MoveDay will be there for you if you need us to pack a few boxes, handle your entire Miami move, or anything in between!

Full-service packing and moving
A wide selection of packing and moving services
  • Full-fledged professional moving and packing service
  • Assistance disassembling larger items
  • Convenient tracking for every item in your move
  • Expert packing of fragile items & bulky furniture
  • Vetted, trained, and insured drivers & crews

Packing and unpacking service company FAQs

As you might expect, your answer to this question will vary significantly based on several different factors. One crucial thing to consider when putting your packing timeline together is the size of your house—the more rooms and items you need to pack, the longer this process will take. If you haven’t already gone through your belongings and thought about what to keep and what to leave behind, you’ll need to add this step to your timeline, too.

Though it’s impossible to say precisely how long it will take you to pack, we can provide a simplified estimate. If you’re planning a do-it-yourself move, expect packing to take about:

  • One or two days for a studio/one-bedroom apartment
  • Two or three days for a two-bedroom home
  • Up to a week for a house containing more than two bedrooms

It’s essential to remember that these timeframes assume you’re working on a DIY move. A professional company offering Miami moving and packing services can cut this down by half—that is to say, they could complete packing for your two-bedroom home in about a day. These expert workers can also unpack your belongings in roughly the same amount of time when they arrive at their destination.

Like any moving service, the costs associated with packing can fluctuate based on the size of your home (among other things). Of course, DIY packing will be less expensive than professional packing and unpacking services. Still, that doesn’t mean these services aren’t worth the expense. When they opt for a professional packing company, Miami residents can benefit from:

  • A reduced risk of broken or damaged property
  • A quicker, more efficient moving process
  • High-quality packing materials
  • The opportunity to spend less time thinking about their move

That said, you don’t have to choose between handling this entire task alone and having movers pack everything for you. At MoveDay, we pride ourselves on providing Miami’s most flexible packing services. We’d be pleased to pack your whole house, handle a few key items, or even just sell you the packing supplies you need!

It’s also good to remember that you don’t have to commit to ordering packing services the moment you start planning a move with us. In keeping with MoveDay’s reputation for flexibility, we give our customers the ability to add services later in the moving process. If you re-evaluate your moving budget down the line and decide you can afford professional packing services, just let us know!

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