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Loading and Unloading


Transparent service, no hidden upsell

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  • No hidden fees or hassle
  • Pay only for what you need
  • Flexible, on-demand service
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The MoveDay advantage

professional local moving loading and unloading services
Professional, local labor-only options

Our crews are trained in-house, as well as being fully vetted and background checked. Just because you are choosing a labor-only loading and unloading option doesn’t mean that you will get help that is any less qualified. Our team is trained in how to properly move large furniture and fragile items and will provide high-quality labor for an affordable price.

loading and unloading moving services
Customizable service to fit your move

With MoveDay’s flexibility, we provide a wide variety of moving services to meet any need. If you only need professional loading and unloading help for a few hours, we can provide it. If you’d like that kind of help as well as storage, or some level of packing services, we can supply that as well. We will never push unnecessary services on you; our team is happy to accommodate if you need them at any point during your move.

budget loading and unloading moving
Protect both your budget and items

Price transparency is extremely important to our customers, which means it’s important to us. There are no hidden fees, and you will know exactly what you’ll be paying for at the end of the day. Just because you only need loading and unloading labor-only assistance doesn’t mean you should get a lower caliber worker. You’ll know what and who you’re getting – a trained, background-checked moving professional who understands how to best protect your items.

Loading and unloading FAQs

Loading and unloading are two very different processes. Local moving companies that offer moving, loading, and unloading services spend more time on the truck-loading stage of the move because it requires planning and preparation to do it right. Professional loading crews will ensure that boxes and other items will be loaded in such a way as to maximize every square foot in the truck and that all items will be protected during transit.

When you choose MoveDay, you can, although not all moving companies allow you to do this. If you're looking for a loading and unloading company that doesn't require you to use all of its services, we have your solution. Any of our moving services can be used as a standalone service, so you pay only for the specific service or the level of service you need.

Our loading teams are well trained in methods for safely moving appliances, furniture, and other large items onto trucks, as well as delicate items that may need extra protection. They've also been carefully vetted before becoming members of our loading crews.

There's no set price for our loading service because no two moves are the same. The cost of truck loading and unloading varies according to several factors, including how much furniture or how many heavy items you need loaded and how many loading crew members will be needed.

If you have items that need special handling, such as a piano or grandfather clock, for example, that will also affect the cost. Lastly, the price can be higher if you need to have heavy or hard-to-handle items moved down flights of stairs or across any obstacles in the path to the moving truck.

Properly loading a moving truck is not quite as straightforward as it seems. To do it in the safest and most efficient way, follow the advice of our truck loading and unloading experts:

  • Start with the heaviest and largest items. These should be placed as far forward as possible and always be on the bottom of the truck. Load your lightest and smallest items and boxes last.
  • Place some items on end to take advantage of vertical space. Sofas and tables, for example, can be loaded in an upright position, which leaves more space on the floor of the truck.
  • Be mindful of weight, making sure it's distributed evenly. This helps keep the entire load and the truck itself more stable on the road.
  • Fill open spaces with pads, blankets, or another type of material to keep the contents of the truck from shifting.
  • Think about which items you'll need soonest when you arrive at your new home; put these on the truck last so that they can be unloaded first. If these items are small and light enough, consider bringing them with you in your car or an overnight bag for the easiest access.
  • Secure everything with moving straps. Use straps as you go, securing large items by themselves and other items in groups.

MoveDay offers simple, easy and affordable loading services. Regardless of the size or complexity of your move, our local services can be customized to fit your needs.

In addition to our full pack, load, move, and unpack local moving services, we are happy to offer DIY move customers flexible options for labor only packing, loading and unloading assistance. This means that we will send our well-trained, professional movers to your home to help you pack (if desired) and/or load heavy boxes, furniture or other items that you may need help with. Our ‘Your move, your way’ motto means exactly that – we’re here to help, however you need us.

Absolutely. If at any point during your move, whether you’ve chosen labor only or a full-service move, we are able to jump in and provide safe and secure storage. Affordable short or long-term options are available to you, and when your new home is ready for the items, we can quickly deliver them to you. Our warehouses provide 24/7 digital monitoring so you can have peace of mind knowing your items are safe and secure. We also offer climate-controlled storage for more sensitive items, such as antiques or art, so that your most sensitive items will be protected as well.

It starts with our background checked and fully trained crew. Prior to their arrival, you will be able to digitally “meet” them by viewing their profiles in your personal moving portal, which will also include internal quality ratings for that individual.

But should you experience any issues, you will have a single point of contact at MoveDay you will be able to quickly get in touch with, who can assist with any problem. Our job is to make your moving day as easy and stress-free as possible, and we know that our people are the most important element in providing a professional experience.

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