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Local Movers Worthy of Your Trust

MoveDay local moving services

Packing and unpacking

One of the most time-consuming aspects of moving is packing. Boxing up everything you own can be daunting, but with MoveDay, you're never alone. As full-service movers in the Jacksonville area, we can provide you with professional packing advice, or if you prefer, we can handle the packing and unpacking for you. Partial packing services are also available in case you only need help with particular items. All of our moving services—including packing—can be scaled up or down to suit your budget and needs. Whatever level of help you need with your upcoming relocation, we've got you covered.

Storage services

Moving is hectic enough without worrying about what to do with your stuff. At MoveDay, we understand that storage needs can come up unexpectedly during a move, which is why we offer flexible and affordable storage options. Your personal online moving portal allows you to add or delete storage services with a few clicks and our state-of-the-art storage facility is monitored 24/7. We offer temperature and climate-controlled options, which is just one more reason we are the top-rated movers in the Jacksonville area.

professional local moving loading and unloading services
Loading and unloading

Even if you don't need a full-service move, we are here to help in any way we can. If you just want a crew to load and unload your stuff on moving day, we are happy to accommodate that. We'll never pressure you to add on services you don't want or need.

easy condo and apartment moving
Apartment and condo moving

As trusted movers throughout Jacksonville Beach, we have extensive experience with multi-unit buildings. Apartment and condo moving can be particularly challenging, which is why it's essential to hire a moving company that specially trains its moving crews in the logistics of this type of move. Our Jacksonville Beach crews are fully equipped to work with obstacles such as stairs, elevators, and parking limitations. Also, our superior home protection techniques mean we'll protect your belongings and your security deposit.

moving with seniors
Senior moving

Senior relocations can require special accommodations such as help with packing and lifting and reassurance that the customer's belongings are in good hands. Our background-checked moving crews are caring professionals, specially trained to go the extra mile for seniors. We are committed to the comfort and safety of our customers and interacting with a thoughtful and patient crew will help minimize stress for seniors and their families.

Moving is full of surprises, but with MoveDay you'll never be blindsided by unexpected costs. Our goal is to bring transparency and simplicity to the relocation process.

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Jacksonville Beach local moving FAQs

The best advice we have is to book your move as early as possible and get rid of any unwanted items rather than having them moved to your new home. Please keep in mind that movers in Florida get booked fast and the cost of a move is partly determined by weight, and how busy the day you’d like to move is. For example, it can be more expensive to move on a Saturday at the end of the month, as opposed to a Wednesday. Contact us today for more information and we can walk you through options to fit your needs and budget.

Yes! As with any other big project, creating a to-do list can help keep you organized and ensure that everything will be ready to go on moving day. Begin by reviewing our detailed moving checklist and customize it as needed to fit your situation and priorities. Knowing precisely what you should be doing and when to complete each task will give you peace of mind during this challenging time.

Ask your local friends, family members, and colleagues which company they used, but even with a personal recommendation, look for a company with an established website and plenty of positive reviews.

One of the best ways to vet potential movers in Jacksonville Beach is to check with the American Moving and Storage Association and the Better Business Bureau. Visiting the websites of these consumer protection agencies is relatively effortless and worth the effort.

Another thing you can do is ask the movers to show you their certifications with:

  • The Department of Transportation
  • The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association
  • The American Moving and Storage Association

Moving scams are common, so it's vital to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate company.

First, make a list of possible expenses, which may include the following:

  • Full service moving through a moving company, or, if you're planning to do-it-yourself: truck rental, fuel and a crew to help with loading and unloading
  • Professional packing services provided by your moving company, or DIY supplies including boxes, packing materials, tape and labeling supplies
  • Cleaning products and cleaning supplies or professional cleaning services
  • Rental or real estate expenses such as a security deposit or down-payment and realtor commission or property management fees
  • Deposits to new utility companies and possibly early cancellation fees for services at your old address
  • Meals during the move purchased for convenience or as tokens of appreciation for friends and family members who help with the move
  • Any additional furniture and decor you may want for your new home
  • Storage costs if short or long-term storage is needed

The next step is to estimate the costs of the above expenses which may involve some online research. Since hiring professional movers will likely be your biggest expense, it's a good idea to get quotes from a few professional moving companies.

When you contact MoveDay, one of our moving specialists will give you a free quote based on factors such as the distance of the move and the estimated weight of your load. Before that quote is finalized, they'll need to get a visual of your belongings either virtually or in-person to ensure an accurate quote. Don't forget to ask whichever moving company you choose about specialty services you may need, such as professional packing or storage.

Lastly, you'll want to total your moving expenses and budget accordingly.

Jacksonville Beach local move Resources

Local Moving Checklist

Planning a local move? MoveDay make it a pleasant experience with our efficient moving process, attentive service and helpful resources like this complete, customizable moving checklist. Save time. Avoid headaches. Get your move day checklist, now.

moving with kids
Moving With Kids
moving with seniors
Moving With Seniors

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