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Why use MoveDay Fort Lauderdale packing services?

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A zero-anxiety packing process
  • Experienced move coordinators who care about your moving needs
  • Simple, intuitive checklists and quotes
  • Packing service with no hidden costs
  • A great selection of moving and storage options
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Great rates for quality packing and unpacking services

If you’re like many people living in South Florida, you might be putting together a DIY move without the involvement of local Fort Lauderdale movers. Or maybe you plan to get a professional move but don’t have enough items to make full-service packing worth it. Believe it or not, MoveDay can still help in situations like these. As the movers Fort Lauderdale residents trust, we can deliver everything from partial packing services to packing instructions and affordable packing supplies. And if you need full-service packing but realize that later on, there’s no need to worry. Our services are highly adjustable, so you can add packing help to your move at any point—even the very last minute!

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Packing services from Fort Lauderdale’s best movers

Packing is an integral part of any successful move. With that in mind, any moving companies Fort Lauderdale residents do business with should offer reliable packing services. Unfortunately, that’s less common than you may think. Most moving businesses don’t employ the qualified workers needed to provide truly exceptional service, but that’s not the case for MoveDay. Every last crew member working for our company is fully vetted and thoroughly trained before heading out on their first move. Plus, our reputation for experience goes beyond individual employees—we have 100 years of leveraged moving experience through our parent company, Suddath®. If you need full packing, partial packing, or anything in between, you can count on MoveDay for this vital task!

Full-service packing and moving
All the packing and unpacking work you need
  • All-encompassing packing and moving services from the pros
  • A helping hand when you need to disassemble bulky objects
  • High-quality packing for large and fragile items
  • Detailed tracking services for your belongings
  • Insured, experienced crews and drivers

Fort Lauderdale packing services FAQs

It’s difficult to answer this question without knowing a few things about your move—most importantly, the size of your home. Obviously, small houses won’t take as long to pack, while the packing process for larger homes can take quite a while. Also, have you taken inventory of your belongings and decided what to bring with you and what to get rid of? If not, you’ll need to include this as part of your packing timeline.

Though we can’t say precisely how lengthy your packing process will be, we can certainly give you a basic estimate. For DIY moves, packing should take roughly:

  • One to two days (for studio/one-bedroom apartments)
  • Two to three days (for two-bedroom houses)
  • Up to one week (for homes with three or more bedrooms)

On the other hand, not everyone moving in Fort Lauderdale takes care of packing by themselves. If you’re getting packing services from Fort Lauderdale packers and movers, this process should be much less time-consuming. Expert movers like those working for MoveDay can cut the estimates listed above in half and unpack your property in a similar timespan.

Moving services vary significantly from person to person, and the same goes for the costs associated with these jobs. Since it takes more time and effort to pack a larger home than a smaller one, you can reasonably assume that the pricing for these services will reflect that. Some people in Fort Lauderdale opt to handle the packing process themselves to save money on their moves. But professional packing is often worth the extra cost involved since the movers offering these services will:

  • Help you save time
  • Work with top-notch packing materials
  • Keep your items as safe as possible
  • Deliver extra speed and efficiency

When you work with some Fort Lauderdale moving companies, you must choose between packing everything yourself or letting your moving team pack everything for you. MoveDay does things a bit differently, however. Our crew understands just how important adaptability is to the moving process, so we can take care of the packing services you need and leave the rest up to you. Depending on your situation, that could mean anything from packing a few extra-fragile items, packing your entire home, or selling you our industry-best packing supplies.

The flexibility offered by MoveDay extends to when you order our packing services. Even if you set up a move with MoveDay but initially picked DIY packing, you may change your mind and decide you’d rather get our professional packing services. In situations like these, rest assured that we’d be happy to adjust the work included in your move. Simply reach out to your move coordinator and explain your needs!

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