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Specialized Moving Experts

Specialty moving services in Dallas

oncierge specialty moving services
Concierge local moving services

The training our team undergoes means we are uniquely qualified to handle every aspect of your local move with white glove care. Our quality of care will make the transition into your new home seamless, and allow you to focus your energy elsewhere:

  • Professional coordination of transition services – cleaning, landscaping, maintenance
  • A dedicated concierge move manager to handle all details
  • Full service, quality packing and storage services
  • Temperature-controlled storage for fragile items such as pianos, art or wine
  • Professional transportation of your cars, motorcycles and boats
moving and storage declutter program
Easy storage for home staging or remodeling

Preparing your home to sell through staging is an important step in the sale process, and it can be daunting. MoveDay can remove the unnecessary items in your home to clear out for staging, and securely store those items until you need them carefully delivered to your new home. Home remodeling also often requires moving assistance – our team can step in at different stages of home remodeling to move items in and out, all while safely storing your furniture and items until you’re ready to place them back in your updated home. storage.

specialty moving services delivery purchase items
Local final mile home delivery services

If you need labor to provide white glove, final mile delivery on oversized, heavy or bulky furniture or other items you’ve purchased, including exercise equipment or appliances, we can safely deliver it. Our trained, professional team will quickly retrieve and deliver your items on your timeline. As a fully bonded and insured local mover in Dallas, MoveDay only employs professional moving crews who have been fully trained, background-checked and vetted.

specialty moving services - safe transportation
Safe moving that will keep you secure

High-end safes are delicate and expensive items themselves and require a practiced and experienced hand to move them properly. Movers who aren’t trained properly could not only damage your property but throw off the calibration of the safe and damage it. However, with the right team with the experience, preparation and equipment, your safe will be carefully placed into your new home in the same condition as when it left your previous home.

furniture moving services
Furniture services fit for unique items
  • Packing, loading and storage for home staging and remodeling
  • Fine art, antiques, art, sculptures and other luxury white glove moving items
  • Large instrument moving services, including pianos
  • Bulky appliance removal, including hot tubs
  • Green practice furniture disposal, recycling and donations
  • Removal of unwanted clutter and junk removal services

Dallas-Fort Worth specialty moving FAQs

Yes. Our team prides itself on being able to fit to your moving and relocation needs, and MoveDay will absolutely help you personally, or your local businesses with last mile home delivery. Our trained team is ready and equipped to help you move any item into your home or business, no matter your location throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

We will provide you the same professional service and expert delivery we do with our local moving customers, as well as the same flexibility and affordable pricing. You will even be able to easily track your items from pickup through delivery.

Our Dallas-area warehouse is nearly 150,000 square feet and is in the Fort Worth area, so your items won’t be too far away while they’re with us. It is secure, with video monitoring around the clock, fire suppression system, and the capabilities to store any specialty item, even if it requires temperature-controlled storage. We offer both long and short-term storage and can accommodate your items for any length of time. You can rest easy with your specialty items in our experienced, professional hands.

A safe isn’t very good if it isn’t secure! We can absolutely move it, securely and delicately. It takes proper training, but we will be able to remove it, and take it to your new home without damage. If it is cemented or otherwise secured into your home, we may need to enlist a trusted partner to assist in the removal, but we will be able to locate it into your new home, taking one large item off your list.

Our specialty services for moving are flexible and fitted to your unique needs, so they do need a bit more hands-on work when it comes to your quote. We want to make sure our crew understands the scope of the job and comes prepared. This means you may be asked additional questions or be asked to supply additional information during the virtual video home survey, and when communicating with your move manager.

However, it will still be simple, easy and efficient in order to give you a solid budget and final pricing for your piano move, final mile appliance delivery, decluttering your home for staging, or more.

Leveraging over a century of experience and trust from our parent company, Suddath, we can provide our crews with industry-leading training that ensures we provide high-quality, professional moving services in Dallas. Unlike many DFW local moving companies, we even provide specialty moving training, focused on items such as antiques, art and piano moving, among other items, to ensure that our background-checked crew members are also knowledgeable in how to move these sensitive items.

Beyond just training, we pair this with your personal moving portal, which means you can track your items in real time and communicate with the crew lead. You can see when the crew will be arriving, and when your items will be delivered, and even reach out to the crew member with any questions or changes.

If you have any questions leading up to moving day, your move manager will act as your single-point-of-contact to reach out to through the moving portal.

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