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Reliable Senior Moving

MoveDay’s senior moving advantages

trained professionals for senior moves
Kind and patient senior local moving professionals
  • We’re seniors ourselves! Our parent moving company has moved people for over 100 years
  • Family members can easily track and view your move and details from a distance using your personal,a secure move portal
  • Honest, transparent pricing – we don’t charge any “last minute” fees
  • Have a safe and secure experience with our vetted, background- checked movers
  • A move manager who is will be your single point of contact for the entire move
on demand moving storage
Affordable and simple storage

Senior transitions can be more complex than a typical DFW local move, because not only are you dealing with a lifetime of belongings, but typically, seniors are downsizing in one way or another. There are likely things you will be taking with you, and others you can’t, but you still want to be protected and preserved. Our team is able to step in to easily store your items in our secure Dallas storage service warehouse with state-of-the-art, 24/7 video monitoring. Before and after your move, we want you to have the peace-of-mind knowing that your items are safe in our hands until you need them again.

MoveDay customer service
Easy and flexible local moving
  • Accurate pricing when you book with no last-minute fees
  • A personal moving portal where you or a family member can track your move
  • Move manager as a single point of contact for your needs
  • Trained, background checked professional crew on every move
  • Price transparency with no last-minute fees or charges
  • Flexibility to meet your unique needs and preferred moving dates

Dallas senior moving FAQs

One of the many benefits of being a senior is that likely, you won’t HAVE to move during peak moving season, which is May through September. One of the main reasons this is considered “peak” moving season is because kids are out of school, and families have more flexibility to relocate.

If you can move outside of this season, it could not only be better for the flexibility of your local mover to meet the date you’d like to move, but it may be cheaper as well. Moving dates work kind of like airplane tickets – in the same way it would cost you more to fly on a Friday than it would a Wednesday, it costs you more to move on popular days. So if you’re able to move on a less popular day in a less popular time of year, it could be a big cost savings. Your move manager can advise you on how to best fit a move into your budget this way.

HoweverHowever, if you have to move during peak season, we recommend reaching out to and booking a mover as soon as possible (as much as six to eight weeks out) because capacity can be limited. That will be a big factor in ensuring you get the date you’d like.

Our mission is to make your local move and transition as easy as possible and provide whatever extra support you may need. Because of the 100-year history of our parent company, Suddath, we are able to provide every local moving service you could possibly need. If we don’t offer it, for example, cleaning or landscaping services, we likely have a trusted local partner we can connect you with and help coordinate.

The most common moving services we personally offer are:

We try to be as flexible as possible, because we know that senior transitions often mean that you can’t be flexible – moves need to happen on a certain timeframe and in a certain order. We work to meet your needs, instead of you having the anxiety of trying to work around us. If you need a moving service that you don’t see above, simply ask one of our move managers, and we will work hard to make it happen for you.

The best advice we can give, especially with a senior move, is to start early. Many seniors are downsizing, or are having family members assist them, so it’s best to start the process as soon as possible when it comes to paring down items. It can take a long time to decide what is going and what is staying, and what may need to go into storage, so the sooner that process starts the less stressful it will be for everyone.

We also recommend bringing a professional local moving company into the process as soon as you can. Our trained team can help answer any questions, get everything booked and settled, and give you budget options. It will give us the time to ensure you have everything you need, and feel secure in the process, and not rushed.

The most important aspect to get out of the way, which is easy and intuitive if you’re a tech savvy senior, is the virtual survey. If not, we advise having a friend or family member assist you with it. This survey will allow us to view your home, document on video what is in your home, and give you an accurate quote for your local move. With the virtual survey done, the crew should be fully aware of everything that needs to be moved, and any moving services you have booked, and there will be no stressful surprises on moving day.

We also compiled our 100+ years of moving experience into this Senior Moving Checklist, which will allow you to get a complete understanding of what you can or should be doing week by week leading up to your move.

Pets are important members of our homes, and this is a very common concern. If moving is stressful for you, you can be sure it’s stressful for them as well. We do as much as we possibly can to ensure that pets are safe on moving day.

We start off with our Moving with Pets checklist to help, which walks you through how you can best take care of your pet leading up to and including moving day. But one of the biggest tips is to make sure your pet is safe during the moving process, which can be hectic for everyone. This means either securing them in a crate or having someone pet sit them during the process. This way, they can’t get out or be hurt in the hubbub of moving day.

It’s also helpful to make sure your pets have some comfort items during the move – a favorite toy, or their bed – so they have a safe place that is familiar.

Our team has a century of experience and trust on their side – our parent company, Suddath, who handles local, long distance and international professional moving – started in 1919 and that experience goes directly into our in-house training protocol.

Whether it is moving fine art, delicate furniture, a thousand-pound piano or simply your cherished household goods, we fully understand the value of your property we care for it. Our team puts effort into making sure that you feel comfortable and informed throughout the process, and not left out of the loop or in any way taken advantage of.

One way we do this is through our personal moving portal, where we have all of the information you need about your local move, right at your fingertips, in real-time. We also have a dedicated move manager as your single point-of-contact throughout the local moving process, available for questions at any point before, during or after your move.

We have also created helpful pre-move checklists and instructions so that you know what to expect on your move day, then work from your personalized moving plan on that day. No matter what kind of specialized move we might be assisting you with, you can rest-assured that we’ll be doing everything in our power to make it as easy as possible.

Dallas local moving resources

Senior Moving Checklist

When it comes to moving with senior citizens, safety, comfort, and ease are all high on the list of priorities. Read key steps that will make your move with a senior or as a senior much more manageable.

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Moving With Pets
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