Secure, Affordable Storage

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Secure, Affordable Storage

MoveDay storage advantages

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Straightforward pricing, no “fine print”
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees
  • Easy to understand moving and storage quotes
  • Short- and long-term storage options
  • Movers trained to specially wrap and protect sensitive items
  • Services to suit your needs and budget – only pay for what you need
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Flexible, easy storage and declutter services

Storage is sometimes a need that comes up quickly – your home sells more quickly than anticipated, or your new home isn’t ready yet. Your home renovation is going way longer than originally anticipated, and you need to extend past your original date.

With our large storage space, we’re able to easily adapt to your needs when it comes to storage. If you need to add, remove or change your storage services, we’re able to quickly accommodate with little stress to you. We can store all of your household goods, or only specific items, to suit your needs. With home staging or redesigns, we’re able to come in early and remove unnecessary personal items or furniture, and then return to complete your move later with our Declutter and Store program.

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The safest storage option in Dallas-Fort Worth
  • Advanced fire suppression system
  • 24/7 video monitoring
  • Background checked warehouse and moving crews
  • In-house packing and storage training
  • Leveraging a 100-year history in moving and storage

Dallas-Fort Worth storage and declutter FAQs

We can store your items locally for as long as you need. We understand that storage is not always straightforward, so we can adjust to meet your needs. We are here to make your local, long distance or international moving and storage process as easy as possible and will work with you.

To start with, if storage becomes a need as your moving date gets closer, we are able to add storage as a Dallas moving company up to a couple of days leading up to your move. Then, whenever your home is ready for your goods, simply reach out and we will set a delivery date.

We pride ourselves on giving transparent quotes that are based on customer’s specific needs, so you’ll have to contact us for exact numbers.

Part of that transparency is making it easy to understand what goes into a quote, and how we come to the number we’re quoting you. Storage is calculated in a few different ways, based on a couple of different factors, which are:

  • the items that need to be stored, including amount and potentially size and weight
  • how much storage space your items will require
  • the amount of time you’ll be storing items with us
  • whether you require any specialty storage solutions for items that may be more sensitive (antiques, instruments, art, wine).

We tailor our Dallas moving and storage services to your individual needs and always provide complete transparency when it comes to pricing. There won’t be any “fine print” or last-minute fees once it comes time to get your items back. Whether you end up with short-term or long-term storage, you will only ever pay for exactly what you need, and the price you agreed to at the outset.

Absolutely. When you’re vetting local Dallas moving companies, especially if you’re planning on storing your goods with them, this is a vital question. We have a valid and current DOT number, which can be seen on the driver’s side door of any of our trucks, and you can find it at the bottom of this website as well.

We are fully registered with the Department of Transportation, and encourage you to look us up. You can even reach out to ask to schedule a tour of our warehouse, to view where your items will be stored. When you hire our team at MoveDay to help with your Dallas move, even if you’re just moving down the street, we want you to always feel comfortable and confident in your decision.

We provide jobs and most importantly, industry-leading, in-house training to all of our background-checked crew members who will be handing moving and storing your goods. We have provided additional tips on how to choose a moving and storage partner if needed.

Yes! Our Declutter and Store program is very popular service where we come in and remove unnecessary furniture and personal items prior to you listing your home. Then, once your home is sold, our team will come in to easily complete your move and help you settle into your new home.

Safety is first at MoveDay. The adherence and importance of safety in our warehouse not only keeps everyone who works there safe, but your items as well. Everyone in our state-of-the-art 150,000 sq. ft Dallas warehouse is trained and consistently reminded of good safety practices, with procedures in place that ensures compliance. Our Dallas-Fort Worth storage warehouse features an advanced fire suppression system, as well as 24/7 video monitoring security so you can have peace of mind when storing your goods with us.

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