Local Movers Worthy of Your Trust

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Local Movers Worthy of Your Trust

Preparing for Moving Day

After entrusting our Grapevine, TX movers for your local relocation, we’ll help you throughout the process. First, we’ll ask you a few questions and then quickly provide you with an accurate quote. We’ll connect you with a dedicated move guide who will serve as your single point of contract and provide you with access to our online moving portal. Through the portal, you can conveniently add or remove services; meet your thoroughly vetted moving team; and otherwise track and manage the progression of your move.

A seamless local moving experience

Although there are plenty of moving companies in Grapevine, it’s important to find the right one—a local moving company that provides all of what you need, and nothing more. MoveDay customized packages that permit you to scale up and down, as needed, to meet your exact needs in a way that dovetails with your budget.

You can conveniently ask questions via your online portal and update your service needs there with a few quick clicks. Or, if you’re more comfortable with talking by phone, no problem! Give us a call and we’ll discuss our services and then use your input to create your personalized plan.

Below are the services and specialties we offer that contribute to our being one of the best moving companies in Grapevine, TX:

Packing and unpacking services

Few people look forward to packing and unpacking, so we’ve created a menu of services so that you can pick and choose how much you do and how much we’ll do for you. All of our customers are provided with practical packing tips, and, for some, this is all they need. On the other end of the scale, we can do all the packing/unpacking for you, freeing you up to handle other tasks. In short, our packing and unpacking services are flexible and scalable, allowing you to select exactly what you want and need within your budget.

on demand moving storage
Secure storage services

Many times, people experience a gap in time between when they move from one home and when they can move into their new one. This can create a need for safe, secure storage—a service that we provide with state-of-the-art video monitoring around the clock. You can also use our storage services, short- or long-term, if you’re decluttering your home before your move or for any other purpose that fulfills a need.

Enjoy peace of mind while your belongings are stored in our large facilities and, when your storage needs change, simply update them in your personal online portal.

professional local moving loading and unloading services
Loading and unloading

Our movers in Grapevine, TX are here to help with loading and uploading through our flexible, labor-only services. At MoveDay, we don’t try to upsell people using our loading/unloading options to full-scale moving services. We’re here to meet your needs, not to try to change your mind.

easy condo and apartment moving
Apartment and condo moving

Moving in or out of multi-unit buildings takes specialized knowledge, and not all moving companies in Grapevine, TX possess this expertise. These buildings have unique challenges from stairs and elevators to stringent requirements for parking, and MoveDay movers seamlessly avoid pitfalls and successfully navigate apartment and condo moving.

specialty moving services for seniors
Senior moving

Senior moves can come with unique needs, which can include extra help with lifting and packing as well as a need for more TLC if the relocation triggers emotions. Plus, if downsizing to a more manageable-sized home, seniors can need storage space.

MoveDay can help with all these needs. We offer labor services, train our team in providing emotional support, and offer safe, secure storage for as long as it’s needed.

Grapevine local moving FAQs

For a relocation that’s as stress-free as possible, start the process as early as you can. Donate or discard belongings you don’t plan to take with you; this will help you to declutter, reduce stress, and likely reduce moving costs. Book your date as early as you can, too.

Our downloadable local moving checklist shares timelines for tasks. Plus, here are more moving resources.

You can! Simply fill out our moving quote form and enter your desired move date. Our goal is to be exceptionally flexible, including to do all we can to schedule your move on the date you need.

This means that we will do everything in our power to arrange our schedule so that we can make that date available for you—and we can often make that happen, depending upon the truck and crew you’d need.

If you later need to change dates, you can do so in the online portal up to two days before the actual relocation. Note: Peak moving season occurs from May through September. So, if you know you’ll need to move during that time frame, book early, ideally four to six weeks ahead of time.

We keep it short, sweet, simple, and straightforward. You provide us with the number of rooms involved in your move, let us know if you own certain items, and share where you’re moving from and to. In response, we’ll provide you with an accurate estimate and then follow up to schedule a walkthrough where we can verify the quote’s accuracy.

Our Grapevine movers’ goal is to make the process as fast and easy as possible, being transparent throughout. There’s never any fine print and we don’t charge hidden fees. We look forward to serving you!

Grapevine local move resources

Local Moving Checklist

Planning a local move? MoveDay make it a pleasant experience with our efficient moving process, attentive service and helpful resources like this complete, customizable moving checklist. Save time. Avoid headaches. Get your move day checklist, now.

moving with kids
Moving With Kids
moving with seniors
Moving With Seniors

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